Foods for Fighting Cancer

Fruit is recognised as one of the most powerful foods for helping the body fight cancer.

Surprisingly, the homely prune is the fruit with the highest cancer-fighting powers. Previously it was believed that oranges and spinach were the best anti-cancer fruit and vegetables.

The research team, from Tufts University in Boston, has released the results of its study on the Internet. Researchers measured fruits and vegetables for their oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) which is the capacity of foods to absorb free radicals.

Free radicals are destructive elements which occur in our bodies when healthy oxygen molecules are transformed into a highly-reactive, unstable form of oxygen. It is believed that they can lead to illnesses such as cancer and heart disease.

Anti-oxidants however, can neutralise these free radicals. The new study says that the anti-oxidant power of blood in people who eat prunes increases dramatically.

Eating prunes would cause the anti-oxidant power in the blood to double or treble compared with eating other recognised cancer-fighting fruits.

Fruit Points
Prunes 5770
Raisins 2830
Blackberries 2036
Strawberries 1540
Raspberries 1220
Plums 949
Oranges 750
Red grapes 739
Vegetables Points
Kale 1770
Spinach 1260
Brussels sprouts 980
Broccoli 890
Red peppers 710
Onions 450

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