Top Ten Ways to Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is at an all time high in the twenty-first century, especially for women. Listed below are ten preventable causes for breast cancer along with methods to help you reduce your risk.

1- Avoid exposure to carcinogenic radiation (x-rays).If you must be x rayed, either at the dentist or other healthcare providers, be sure to use a lead plate on areas not being x-rayed.

2- Avoid all types of synthetic hormones: Hormone Replacement Therapy, fertility drugs, birth control pills, and hormones in meat, eggs and dairy. Synthetic hormones become stored in the fat cells and cause abnormal cell growth, and neo-angiogensis. Neo-angiogensis is the blood supply that specifically feeds cancerous or malignant tumors.

3- Avoid toxic environmental pollution in water, air, soil and food. Eat organic food and drink pure water, available everywhere. Purified water cleanses the kidneys and lymphatic system and aids the immune function of your body.

4- Avoid carcinogenic chemicals found in household cleaning products and cosmetics. The most common toxic ingredients are ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, fluoride, petroleum, chlorinated bleach and aluminum. Find healthy substitutes in Samuel Epstein’s book, Safe Shoppers Bible.

5- Avoid prolonged exposure to electrical magnetic fields, power plants and electrical appliances. Move your electric clocks from near your bed to the other side of the room. Spend as little prolonged time as possible in front of your computer screen. Take frequent breaks away from your computer and turn off appliances when not in use.

6. For you women out there, avoid wearing your bra for more than eighteen consecutive hours. Prolonged wear restricts lymphatic flow. If you can, wear all cotton bras instead of underwire bras and massage your breast after removing your bra.

7. Lymphatic or dry brush massage will increase circulation and help keep your breasts and liver healthy.

8. Some of your favorites have to go or used sparingly: alcohol, coffee, chocolate and other products with caffeine. Read all your food labels. A good method is to not consume any chemical with names you cannot pronounce!

9. Reduce stress as much as you can. Distress affects your immune system functions, so take it easy and walk in nature or practice yoga or deep breathing exercises.

10. Substitute Thermography for your annual breast exam. Thermography eliminates radiation and harmful pain from compression of the breast. The error rate for Thermography is nine per cent; with mammograms it is forty percent.

Start taking care of your health and your breasts now.

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Nancy Gardner, Ph.D., has a Master’s in Nutrition from Northfield University as well as Doctorate in Clinical Research. She is the owner of Optimum Health Clinic in San Rafael, CA and the CEO of Preventative Medicine Foundation.Visit: or contact Dr. Gardner toll free at: 866-766-2468.